eGAP Guidelines for Protecting Players

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protectingIn all gambling practices, player protection is vital to the success of the establishment. This is because it ensures that the player is satisfied even when they have lost because they will feel that they have lost fairly.  There are many organizations that aim at enforcing laws that strive to ensure transparency and fairplay.One of these organizations is eCOGRA, which is the body that came up with eGAP.Despite the sophisticated name, eGAP are guidelines which were established to ensure that there was rigorousness in licensing of online gambling establishments.The long version of eGAP is eCOGRA Generally Accepted Practices. These guidelines ensure that the player is protected in terms of the information that is shared with the casino and the funds.

When it comes to protecting player information, the guidelines cover the use of the information that is given by the player to the online gambling establishment like the name, address, age, gender, credit card and bank details, date of birth and any other personal information.Specifically, eGAP aims at ensuring that online gambling operators put in measures that keep the player’s information safe from unnecessary and unauthorized disclosure. Personal information is disclosed only when there is a good and valid reason like legal investigations. This applies to information submitted at any point during the time when the player uses services from the casino.

This is the reason why every eCOGRA licensed casino has to have a privacy policy that gives the players details about the information that will be required, how the information will be used and the circumstances that might lead to the sharing of the information with third parties.The privacy policy should also have the controls that the establishment has put in place to ensure that all the information shared is kept safe from unauthorized disclosure. This privacy policy should be displayed on the online establishment’s website and it’s necessary that the player reads this policy andtheir consent acquired prior to registration. Another eGAP requirement for player information protection is that credit card numbers should be stored in a secure system with stringent measures in place for preventing unauthorized use. Employee contracts in these establishments need to contain a clause that prohibits unauthorized use or disclosure of player information.

The other part of player protection by eGAP covers the player’s funds. This is a multidimensional area that revolves around accurate and timely processing of payment requests, winnings and deposits. This area allows the organization time to perform the necessary checks and verification on the transaction while at the same time conducting the transactions with minimal delays from the player’s point of view.The guidelines that eGAP enforces work to ensure that all transactions be they deposits, withdrawals or transfer of winnings to the players’ casino accounts are conducted following a specific outlined process to eliminate errors. There is also a requirement for logging of transactions to facilitate effective dispute resolution and audit. These guidelines also require that the players be clearly informed about any special conditions or procedures. There should also be a platform where the players can have their queries addressed to. Another part of player fund protection by eGAP requires the casino to find a means of excluding players from regions where online gambling is not allowed.

The main aim of player fund protection is ensuring that the player’s unused money is never used for other expenses. Considering the fact that the player operates on a virtual account, there is a need to ensure that all the money that is collected and not used is somewhere where the player can access it when required. For this reason, eGAP ensures that at any point in time, the operators should have sufficient cash or cash equivalents to settle all balances that arise from player balances, guaranteed prizes and any pending cash-ins. When registering, players need to confirm that the information that’s required under eGAP guidelines is included in the terms and conditions. For the others, the eCOGRA seal takes care of everything.