Online Casino Game Fairness Guidelines by eGAP

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FairnessJust like it is in any form of gambling, in online gambling players are at risk of being abused by the online casinos in one way or another. The fact that the online casinos use software for their day to day operations makes it very easy to abuse the players by using software that gives the casino undue advantage over the players. This is the reason behind the establishment of the many online casino licensing bodies that work day in day out to bring fairplay in online casinos. One of these bodies is eCOGRA. This body has been in the online casino regulation and licensing field for a good number of years hence they have been able to establish a good reputation and trust from the players. As a result, online casinos that have been approved by eCOGRA are more popular than those that are yet to be approved. To enhance fairness in online casinos, eCOGRA released eGAP guidelines to clearly spell out the requirements from online casinos in terms of fairness.

To ensure that the software used is fair to the players, eGAP requires the casino to commit to performing regular checks on the systems to make sure that they are fair to the players. The regulations require these checks and assessments to be thorough and as comprehensive as possible to ensure that even the slightest irregularity is identified and corrected. There is also a requirement that these assessments should be carried out by an independent person, who has no interest in the given online casino.

When it comes to fairness, one thing that is very important is Total Gaming Transaction Review. Apart from live games, all other online casino games work with the help of a Random Number Generator that shouldn’t be predicted by anyone, even by the developer. This is where the assessment is done. The design and the working of the Random Number Generatorneed to be checked before it can be allowed to operate commercially for the first time. In addition, this assessment needs to be done every time there is a change in the generator’s source code. In the assessment, there is review of the source code, documentation review, mathematical analysis,Random Number Generator period assessment and range determination among many other tests.

Another review is the payout percentage review that is conducted in regular intervals. Here, the return to the player is calculated and weighed against a theoretical return percentage that’sreached at statistically. Another thing is that the free games that are given in online casinos need to be similar in all aspects to the real games played for money. Many people believe that the free games give the player an upper edge so that they can be motivated to join and play for real money. This is deception to the player hence eGAP has made sure that there is a requirement for the statistical return percentage for any game to be constant regardless of whether the player is playing for real money or for free. The Random Number Generator should ensure that no outcome is dependent on the other and at the same time, when many spins are done, each outcome appears equally often.

Another part of the fairness guidelines from eGAP revolves around the rules.The guidelines clearly stipulate that all actions in the games need to strictly go in accordance with the rules. These rules need to be accessible to the player whenever they need them and any changes should need to be date stamped. To ensure that you are on the safe side, it’s important to make sure that the online casino that you are playing from has been tested by an independent agency and that it meets the requirements. It’s also important to make sure that you have read and understood all instructions before wagering in any game.