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ironmanPlaytech recently released a slot machine whose theme is based on the Iron Man brand. This release was soon after the Iron Man 3 movie hit theatres. This is the third virtual slot game by Playtech under the Iron Man brand. It has become so popular that Iron Man is the most sought after super hero.

If you have watched the Iron Man 3 movie, you will find that the game follows the movie’s plot. Even its symbols are drawn from the movie. The Arc Reactor which runs Iron Man is the wild symbol. This wild symbol gives 10,000 coins in payouts as a jackpot prize. This prize though very high and attractive to players makes the subsequent payouts in the game have the disadvantage of being much lower. This is done to compensate for the high payout. For example, the succeeding payout is 500 coin jackpot. The various armored suits that belong to Tony Stark in the Iron Man 3 movie are used as symbols in the game. These include the War Machine, the Iron Patriot and the Mark 42. Other symbols are taken from the villains of the movie. The two villains who are used as villains are Aldrich Killian and Mandarin. One of the characters from the movie who is not in the game is Pepper Potts who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow. Fans of Iron Man will surely miss her. Wearing one of his three armored suits and giving players the thumbs up, Iron Man can be seen alongside the reels. The last symbols in the game are cards from 9 to A, which are cards of high value.

To trigger the All Systems Go Re-Spin, Iron Man in his Mark 42 suit needs to appear on the first reel, Iron Man in his War Machine suit needs to appear on the third reel and Iron Man in his Iron Patriot suit needs to appear on the 5th reel. All this needs to happen at one go to trigger the re-spin. The symbol of Iron Man’s armored suits stays put in their designated positions and are called scatter symbols which give payouts depending on their pay tables. Throughout the re-spin these scatter symbols give double payouts. The Iron Man armor icons cannot be substituted by the wild symbol while the re-spin is running. Re-spins are only awarded once to each player.

The free spins at the Hall of Armor and the scatter payouts are awarded by the Iron Man logo. There are three spin modes available. 10 bonus spins with freezing wilds are awarded by Mark 42. An additional three spins are given to the player if the Mark 42 appears on any part of the third reel. 8 bonus spins with random wildsymbols are awarded by the War Machine and an additional three spins if it appears on any part of the third reel. 15 free spins with a dynamic multiplier are awarded by the Iron Patriot. A similar reward of three free spins is given to a player when the symbol of the Iron Patriot appears on any part of the third reel.

The Iron Man 3 game can be found at any of the virtual casinos run by Playtech, one of which is Casino Tropez.