The Mad Scientist Slot Online

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maderscientisyThe Mad Scientist and the Madder Scientist online slot games were named after Dr. Walter Prescott who was a great scientist. The Mad Scientist and the Madder Scientist have been available at Bovada Casino for a good number of months now. They form part of the 3D games available in the casino. In Mad Scientist, playersaim at joining this scientist in his quest for gold to get rich together with him. This design was inspired by the many days that Prescott spent working on his projects. Just like any slot machine game, there are reels and each reel has different symbols on different parts along the circumference. The aim of the game is to achieve the desired symbol combination on the given paylines. The symbols mainly include scientific equipment though there are regular symbols similar to those found in the ordinary slot machines. The wild symbol in this slot game is the one showing a formula that is written on a blackboard. When you get more than two symbols showing bio hazards in a payline that is active, you will have the chance of participating in the Bio Pick Me game as abonus. You have to choose a triggering symbol to be eligible for winning bonus credits.If you are lucky to get the Tesla Coil symbol on the first and fifth reel on either the first, second or third payline, you will have activated the Wild’o’Cution feature that activates the Tesla Coils which instantly make all symbols between them to be wild symbols. As a result, you will have higher chances of winning. Another bonus that is available in this game is the Great Experiment Bonus that is activated by more than two scattered symbols showing scattered test tubes. To activate this bonus, these symbols need to appear on an active payline. Regardless of the position of these symbols, as long as they are on an active payline, the bonus will be activated. In this bonus, the players are required to select four objects to be tested with the Turn-o-Gold serum. Different objects turn to different minerals and the players will get bonus credits depending on the mineral that the objects turn to.

The other slot machine is the Madder Scientist slot machine that also brings you Dr. Prescott with his Turn-o-Gold serum. Going by the description that is at Bovada Casino, there is no one who knows why or how the serum works but one thing is sure: Dr. Walter Prescott is now older hence better in his work. The game graphics have been made to have a lab-like appearance with more amazing animations. Some of the bonus features available here include the Beaker Click Me feature, the Wild Switches feature and Test the Serum feature. The beaker Click Me feature allows you to select beakers and win instant prizes until all beakers are exhausted. The Wild Switches feature will make one of the five reels to become a wild reel for a number of spins. When it comes to the Test the serum bonus, the player is has the chance of helping Dr. Prescott in the creation of the Turn-o-Gold serum. After mixing, the new concoction is tested on a carrot and bonus credits are earned depending on the results. There is also a re-spin feature where players are given the chance of re-spinning one of the five reels.